Helpful tips when packing your Self Storage unit

Make sure there is enought gaps for air flow between items to prevent mould growing.

Disassemble large items such as table to save space.

Use boxes of the same size, this will help to use your space to the maximum and able to stack items high.

Use plattes to keep your items dry of the the floor,specially in the rainy session.

Although your items are protected inside the unit, it is still expose the dust and moist to wrap your items with industrial plastic.

Keep an inventory of all the boxes and list all items in the boxes. Dont list items on boxes because you may be removing items as time passes. Items which will be used regurlar, keep them at the entrace.

Make sure that fridges and frezzers are clean and dry before storing them. I good idea will be to keep the doors slightly open to prevent mould building up.

Its a good idea to pack items in their arignal packages such as electronics.

To prevent rust on metal surfaces, use a rag with a few drops of oil and wipe all metal surfaces.

Stack boxes full but try to keep the weight under 13kg for lifting purposes.